ERCAS at Ibadan Startup Fest (IBSF): 5 Things to Anticipate

ERCAS at Ibadan Startup Fest (IBSF)

Are you ready for an exciting experience into the world of technology and innovation? ERCAS certainly is, as we gear up to make a resounding presence at the Ibadan Startup Fest (IBSF)! As sponsors of this event, we’re thrilled to share our exciting plans for IBSF 2023 that promise to make it a truly memorable experience for attendees. Read more about IBSF event here

ERCAS at Ibadan Startup Fest (IBSF): 5 Things to Anticipate

ERCAS at Ibadan Startup Fest (IBSF)

Sponsorship and Branded Souvenirs:

ERCAS is proud to be a sponsor of IBSF. We’re not just showing up; we’re going all out to make your visit memorable. You can look forward to receiving exclusive ERCAS-branded souvenirs that we’ve prepared just for you. These stylish and practical items will not only remind you of the fantastic event but also introduce you to the world of ERCAS.

Tech Talent Scouting:

At ERCAS, we understand the importance of nurturing tech talent. We’ll be on the lookout for bright minds at IBSF. Whether you’re an aspiring developer, designer, or an innovator, we’d love to connect with you. Who knows, you could be the next addition to our dynamic team!

Our MD on a Panel:

One of the highlights of IBSF will be the insightful discussions, and our Managing Director is excited to share their knowledge. Our MD will be speaking on a panel, sharing insights, and discussing the latest trends in the tech industry. It’s a chance to gain valuable insights and network with our leadership.

Product Exhibitions:

Are you curious about ERCAS and what we have to offer? You’re in for a treat! We’ll be exhibiting our products and offerings, providing you with a firsthand look at how ERCAS can revolutionize your digital experience. Explore our interactive displays and discover how ERCAS can benefit you.

Games and Photo Ops:

We’re here to make IBSF more than just a business event. It’s a time for fun and games! We’ll be bringing engaging games to keep your spirits high. Additionally, we’ll be setting up colorful and creative props for photo ops. Capture the memorable moments and take a piece of IBSF with you wherever you go.

We’ve planned these exciting activities to ensure that your IBSF experience with ERCAS is unforgettable. Join us in celebrating innovation, tech talent, and the future of the digital world. You don’t want to miss out!

The Ibadan Startup Fest is a beacon of opportunity, and ERCAS is here to guide you through it. Let’s connect, innovate, and celebrate together at IBSF 2023. We can’t wait to meet you and share our passion for technology and innovation!

See you at IBSF!


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